“We were very pleased with Pipeguy’s work, always on time, efficient and innovative. Guy worked seamlessly with our builder for both kitchen and bathroom.” Judith Lovett

Water Tanks

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

rainwater-cathmentIn such a dry climate, when it rains it makes no sense to see all that water go down the drain when it could be going into a water tank.

Pipeguy Plumbing Services specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems that conserve water and harvest rain for all purposes including:

  • Drinking water
  • Grey water (from toilet flushes)
  • Gardening

For new installations we will undertake a thorough assessment including rainwater patterns in your area and the available roof catchment area.

For some, the harvested water may be the main source of household water, for others, a supplement to mains supply.

Non Mains Supported Tanks

At Pipeguy Plumbing Services we also are experienced in the design, installation and servicing of water tanks and pumping systems in areas not connected to mains water.

We understand that you are reliant on your water tank and our trained and skilled tradesman can get the most out of your current system or design and install a system that suits your water usage and budget.


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